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Save up to 65% on your Data, Internet, Equipment, PRI, SIP and More!

Palmetto State Providers Network is here to help you get connected with secure, reliable, and private broadband connectivity!

With the Universal Service Fund, subsidizing healthcare networks and internet access is available. 

Our services will help you:

  • Cut your infrastructure and networking costs in half

  • Maximize future healthcare revenue opportunities

  • Create a fast, secure, reliable, and scalable network

​                                Contact us today to find out how we can help you save

No Cost, No Obligation

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PSPN (Palmetto State Providers Network) is USAC recognized consortium, with over 1000 funded circuits across three states. We recognize technology for healthcare providers is complex, the regulations are tightening, while cost-cutting is in high demand, and PSPN has the means to remove at least this worry for you!

Dedicated specifically to healthcare providers, PSPN and its partners, currently Spirit Communications, Spectrum and AT&T serve as a common platform for the secure, fast exchange of information between healthcare related applications, providers and academic institutions.

PSPN and its partners help transform the way in which Rural and Urban Healthcare Providers serve their patients.  By saving you money and providing the continuity in Broadband services you need to work efficiently and securely.


PSPN along with its partners help to ensure providers are HIPPA Compliant. Access is available to Hospitals, Clinics, Physician Groups, Data Centers and Administrative Offices.


Private, exclusive, fiber-optic network that was built to connect key healthcare facilities to the Internet, and each other.

Funding available for the rural and Urban (through Consortia--PSPN) healthcare providers makes these technological advances and enhanced access a reality. Some locations may be eligible for funding that pays up to 65% of their costs.

Bandwidth subsidized by PSPN and its partners support High Definition Video Conferencing, Telemedicine, Rapid Transfer of Medical Images, Electronic Health and Medical Records.

As a member of the PSPN network you have access to state of the art Video Conferencing Bridge infrastructure for your Telehealth/Conferencing needs.  A savings of over $300,000 to you.

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